Splash of the Caribbean is a unique line of arts and crafts made in the Caribbean Splash is a triple bottom line business and we maintain win win relationships with our artists, buying direct making a dent in poverty alleviation while contributing to the small individual artist. Splash of the Caribbean has a strong community outreach component that supports 4 schools in poor neighborhoods in the Dominican Republic and continues to support Haiti Earthquake Relief.

Splash of the Caribbean

Jule Meyer

I’ve been involved with Splash of the Caribbean for more than fifteen years and love how the company supports artists by getting their creations in front of a broader world. In fact, the owner Alyssa inspired me to start JulesArt.Tours in St. Augustine, Florida.

Clara Hsu, Artist

Alyssa Johnson of Splash of the Caribbean, is a fantastic, dedicated supporter of artists, with an experienced eye for dynamic color, composition and positive artwork. She keeps up to date with the latest marketing strategies and technology. She encourages the artists she works with to get their pieces out there and grow their artistry and passion.