Where possible we buy direct from the artists. Learn more about the artists below.

Zomo aka Jean Pierre Richard
Our featured painter

Zomo is a well established Haitian painter born in 1970 in Port au Prince, Haiti. In the 1990’s he moved with his family to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He has been in international exhibitions in Europe and the Caribbean and has developed the pop-art style of fun art. He paints in a humoristic style and enjoys painting vibrant festivals and market scenes.

Marne Anderson
Painter from Snohomish Washington

Marne is a beautiful painter from Snohomish Washington. She is also our Live Auction Painter and leads our incredibly fun Sip and Paint Events!

Romel Balan
Recycled metal artist from Haiti

Romel was born in 1971 and raised in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti. Learned to make recycled metal oil drum sculptures at age 10 from local artisans in his home town and is now known internationally for his incredible work. His brothers are also involved in the business.

Mark Bell 
Caribbean painter from Jamaica

The talented Mark Bell resides in Jamaica and paints our Jamaican cultural acrylic paintings of Caribbean fruits and vegetables, roosters, Blue Mountains, Jamaican life, Caribbean countrysides, reggae music, jerk chicken bbq, and other Caribbean staples.

Jean Emelie Francios 
Recycled metal artist from Haiti

Jean was born and raised in Cap Haitian, Haiti and is a talented recycled metal oil drum sculpture artist. His brightly colored metal sculptures are traditional and represent a special talent unique to Haiti. This photo was taken in his small shop in Cap Haitian.

Clara Hsu
Mixed media artist from Washington

Clara is a painter with tremendous talent from Edmonds, Washington who loves experimenting with several art mediums. She is especially enthusiastic about the outdoors and recently retired from Boeing.

Manuel de Jesus Jimenez
Carnival mask artist from Dominican Republic

Manuel is internationally known award winning Carnival mask artist from Santiago, Dominican Republic. He and his son manage their own studio and have been participating in Carnival for over 30 years. Their traditional authentic masks are full of color and finest detail.

Alyssa Johnson
Founder of Splash of the Caribbean

Alyssa, Founder of Splash of the Caribbean is an avid photographer and her photography items are available on the Shop page, she was also inspired by Splash painter, Marne Anderson, to start painting during COVID for Splash of the Caribbean.

Ernst Josil
Caribbean painter from Haiti

Ernst grew up in Haiti and moved to Dominican Republic to escape escalating crime. He paints our traditional acrylic Haitian and Caribbean paintings in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Pedro La Viera
Caribbean mask maker from Puerto Rico

Pedro LaViera is from Puerto Rico’s cultural center, Loiza. He is renowned for his hand painted coconut vegigante masks made from whole dried coconut husks he collects from the coastal areas around Loiza. Collection of coconuts have now become increasingly harder do to the hundreds of new controversial private developments that have popped up along the coast lines of Loiza. He carves and paints each traditional piece. 

Jorge Lugo
Caribbean mask maker from Puerto Rico

Jorge is a Caribbean mask maker from Puerto Rico.

Jacinto Ramirez
Caribbean calabash mask maker from Puerto Rico

Jacinto is a Caribbean calabash mask maker from Puerto Rico.

Edwin Rivera
Caribbean bamboo artist from Puerto Rico

Edwin Rivera Montalvo creates our sustainable painted bamboo art and is from Peñuelas, Puerto Rico

Alexis Torres
Caribbean mask maker from Puerto Rico

Alexis is a Caribbean mask maker from Puerto Rico.

Charell Williams
AI artist from Washington

Charell found solace in art & technology from a young age growing up in Watts, California. Despite the challenges, he pursued his passion and developed a unique style that reflected the struggles and triumphs of his community. His journey serves as a testament to the power of art and the resilience of the human spirit. Charell creates our AI art, and  NFT’s and is our Virtual Reality Gallery Designer and is passionate about the future of technology in the art world. Check out his online creations at: